Father Mangini Retirement Celebration – We started the evening with a Rosary, followed by a condensed business meeting. Around fifty knights were present to help celebrate a grand milestone for our Worthy Chaplain Reverend Father Mangini. Grand Knight Bill O’Connell offered kind and humbling remembrances for Fr Mangini. See more photos

Dinner was served immediately after the meeting – a choice of mouthwatering rare, medium or well-done Kinders steak, baked potato, steamed vegetables, bread.

During dinner, a number of knights got up to toast Fr Mangini and tell anecdotal stories, all of which were inspirational testimonials to the great mission and ministry which we fondly remember of a man who decided to serve his God by tending to his flock.

We are however comforted in knowing that Father Mangini will not wander off too far into the distance, and that he will be somewhere close by for many years to come, God willing.

Fare thee well, Father Mangini!

SK Mike Souza


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